The Old Farmhouse
The main house is an old farmhouse that dates back before 1650. There is little known about its history except that around 1680 it was a customs place where people used to pay their taxes for moving their herds from one area to the other. It seems that long ago it was a stop-over on the way from Lago di Bolsena, which was the centre of the earth for the Etruscans, to Monte Amiata, their holy mountain. What we do know is that the place was inhabited for centuries. It is clear that this was a desirable home and area due to the fact that from the hill where the house stands on you can oversee the whole valley and that there has always been rich, fertile, volcanic soil and a well that supplies an abundant source of clean water.

Taking care of the land and bringing it back to how it must have been hundreds of years ago has been an enormous task with wonderful rewards; the olive and chestnut groves which were once totally overgrown are now bursting with life again, the garden is overflowing with fruits, vegetables and herbs that are all used in our kitchen and the house is surrounded by a floral landscape that changes with every season.

The renovation of all the buildings has been done with natural materials, re-using and recycling all the old materials that were there before. Almost nothing has been thrown away, which creates an atmosphere very similar to how it must have once been.